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Better Travel Photos

Better Travel Photos

I’m frequently asked by friends and family about taking better photos. From smartphone photos to holiday photos everyone would like to capture better photos. Here are seven tips to help you take better travel photos.

Avoid trying to capture everything  

We all do it, we’re on holiday and the food is great, the people unique, and the views inspiring. We want to capture all of it. Don’t do it. Capture what moves you.  Shoot tighter shots, get closer, focus on the things in that scene that move you.  Check out these tips from the paperplanes blog.


Photo of Buddha Eyes, Kathmandu, Nepal

Photo of Buddha Eyes, Kathmandu, Nepal




Capture your unique perspective

Every famous landmark has been photographed hundreds of times.  When it’s your turn act as though you’ve never seen it before.  Capture your unique angle.  See more tips from world of wanderlust










local taxi drivers in The Republic of Georgia

Take photos of the locals
People shots are often times some of my most favorite shots.  The best tool you have for this is your smile, use it.  Check this out from Erika Lafrennie









Plaza de toros de la Real Maestranza de Caballería, Seville, Spain

Get the right angle
Move around your subject, stand up, kneel down.  Just pointing and shooting is often not the right angle.  Here are more ideas from over sixty.




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