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Top 10 List: places I’d like to photograph

Top 10 List: places I’d like to photograph

I have been very fortunate to visit some exotic places in the world.  Many some folks never have an opportunity to see, Tanzania, Mt. Kilimanjaro, South Georgia Island and Antarctica to name a few.  The experiences I’ve had are memorable, not only have I been lucky to make some great images but I’ve also met great people and learned about fabulous cultures.  All of this creates a desire to do more, see more and photograph more of the world.  Below is my Top 10 list of locations I’d still like to visit, have you been to any of them?  Would you like to go?  What is your Top 10 List?

Thousands of King Penguins on South Georgia Island

  1. Patagonia. Since passing thru Punta Arenas and Ushuaia on my visit to South Georgia and Antarctica I’ve always wanted to return and visit Patagonia.  The country and culture of that part of the world remind of my backyard, the Sierra Nevada although on a much grander scale.  I’ve also heard the fishing is pretty good too!
  2. Galapagos. Seeing images of the wildlife and diversity in the Galapagos has always inspired me.  My experience on safari in Tanzania gave me a taste of what it’s like to see and experience unique species up close and personal.  From images I’ve seen and tales I’ve heard the Galapagos seems like an awesome photographic opportunity.
  3. Mongolia. Mongolia is another place where the scale is grand and the culture unique.  A large nomadic population and wild landscape are intriguing, I seen many great photos and heard many great stories about Mongolia which is why it is in my Top 5.
  4. Nepal. I’ve been to Nepal to raft the Karnali River, which turned out to be one of the most epic adventures of my life  (I’ll tell that story later).  The camera did not come out much as it rained, or rather . . . monsooned . . . for about 5 straight days.  Being a mountain guy I need to get to the high country of Nepal.
  5. Turkey. My perception is that Turkey is one of those places steeped in history and culturally exotic.  According to Wikipedia: “Turkey is a democratic, secular, unitary, constitutional republic, with an ancient cultural heritage.”  That description reinforces my perception and makes Turkey even more appealing from a photographic perspective.
  6. Morocco. The Atlas Mountains and walled city of Marrakech contain an array of photo opportunities.  The various tribal villages in the Atlas Mountains and Djemma el Fna market in Marrakech are rich with unique, exotic imagery. Marrakech has been described as an example of what Morocco once was and the Atlas Mountains are home to many plans and animal species unique to Northern Africa.
  7. Desert Southwest. I can’t get enough of the US Desert Southwest.  The three photographic journeys I have taken have been fun, rewarding and left me with a longer list of locations to go back to.  Ruins, colors, rock and sandstone formations, people, the Desert Southwest is truly unique.
  8. Coast of Maine. Rugged, beautiful, diverse . . . these adjectives are used frequently to describe the coast of Maine.  Coastal regions are always fun to photograph for the variety of conditions generally present.  This provides ample opportunity to create a wide range of images.
  9. New England Fall. Photographing fall color practically anywhere is spectacular.  Fall color in New England is unrivaled.  I’m sure there some that disagree and will point out their own favorites but form the images I’ve seen and the one visit I’ve made Fall in New England is amazing.
  10. Grand Tetons/ Yellowstone. I’m sure we all have stories about family vacations we took as kids to Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, etc.  One of our family trips was to Yellowstone, a long drive with the family trailer that is another story for another time.  I’ve since been back to Grand Teton N.P once and was reminded of the awesome landscape and wildlife photo opportunities in the area.
Rick Saez
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